Women’s Wire Weekly Co-Founders to Speak at Georgetown’s Annual OWN IT Conference

March 24, 2018

Washington, DC — Women Wire Weekly co-founders Priya Kvam and Devon Haynes have been selected to speak at Georgetown University’s annual OWN IT Summit on Sunday, March 25, 2018. 

Kvam and Haynes will sit on discussion panels and present on feminism and digital media, exploring the power and impact of storytelling in the digital age. Kvam will also present on the intersections of race and gender in the media in a separate panel, where she will expand upon experiences women of color face in the workplace. 

“We are absolutely honored to be speaking on topics that align so closely to our passions,” Kvam and Devon said in a joint statement. “Digital media can play an incredibly important role in elevating the stories of often marginalized communities, and we’re thrilled that our work with Women’s Wire Weekly has been making a difference in this field.”

The OWN IT Summit’s mission is to bridge the gap between female leaders and the millennials who admire them. The panels aim to fight stigmas around what it means to be a woman in today's world, promote and discuss intersectional feminist values, and ultimately to bring together generations of women who are eager to change the world through art, business, activism, teaching, organizing, journalism, public service and more.

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