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Women's Wire Weekly launched in July 2016 as a resource to help young professionals in Washington, DC engage in feminist advocacy. We see ourselves as connectors and curators: we elevate lesser-known stories and circulate information about exciting events and employment opportunities related to feminist activism. 

In each newsletter, we aim to inform, inspire, and energize our readers to take action on the feminist causes about which they’re most passionate. We value inclusivity and diversity in all forms and work hard to shine a light on injustices, particularly those experienced by marginalized communities.

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Devon is a professional communicator and feminist advocate in DC. She is a policy nerd with a passion for making advocacy approachable. Devon is a strong believer in shine theory and paying it forward, and hopes the newsletter can help every aspiring feminist advocate find their dream job, volunteer opportunity, or rad community. She enjoys spending time with friends, running, reading, tending to her succulent garden, and, if she's being honest and real, Instagramming.



Priya is a feminist storyteller and partnership builder with a passion for strengthening the diversity and inclusivity of activist spaces. A longtime resident of DC, she has also lived in Bangladesh, India, and the UK. At her day job, she applies her skills as a fundraiser and program evaluator. In her spare time, Priya enjoys listening to newsy podcasts and eating all manner of chocolate desserts. She is a classically trained soprano and proud older sister to another artist, Sarita.